Travel and Watch movies in any cinema in the world

MyVox is an app designed to help you watch movies anywhere in the world in your native or preferred language. Go to cinema and enjoy your favourite movies in spite of:

Your Location

Your Native Language

Cultural Differences

Must have for serial travellers, expats, new language learners & movie lovers!

MyVox features technology that allows to instantly translate movie audio from one language to another. Our app can help you, if you:

Missing Anticipated Movie

Cinemas in a country you are visiting run your very anticipated movie in a different language you do not understand

Experiencing Language Barrier

You moved to a different country, but still did not master local language and want to enjoy the art of cinema

Learning New Language

You are learning a new language and want to have a cinema experience watching new movies in an other language

Look For New Experiece

And many more instances when a new cinema experience is appropriate

How it Works:


MyVox is available in PlayMarket & AppStore

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